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Creative Writer, Creative Conference

Photo by Lisa Fotios from Pexels 

For creative writers, the thought of presenting at an academic conference can be daunting.
…my critical writing isn’t good enough
…I just want to write creative stuff
…the audience won’t get it

But at Earth(ly) Matters, we encourage writers – and other creative practitioners – to join us. 

Having a conference with different disciplines, ways of thinking, varied approaches and methodologies on show can lead to a diverse audience in attendance – and this is where great conversations happen. As our theme this year is ‘Human in Context’, we want many different types of human and many different types of context to be explored and examined.

So, for the creative writer, this might be your opportunity to showcase original writing that lends itself to the theme. You might use the critical component of your research to inform accompanying information that contextualises your writing, perhaps discussing your influences, the stylistic decisions you have made and the scholarship that informs your writing. We are excited to welcome our Creative Keynote, Dr Jo Clement, to Earth(ly) Matters, and she intends to present in this way.

You may want to focus solely on the critical elements of your research, with a paper and presentation that shine a light more closely on the writers and writing that has influenced you. Alternatively, you could have a go at giving a comprehensive overview of your research in a poster (and we can show you how right here.)

Whatever your approach, we are certain that sharing your words with new audiences will help develop your writing, your thinking, and your research. We hope you will consider submitting to Earth(ly) Matters, and we look forward to reading and hearing your words.

Sophie Parkes-Nield

Sophie is a writer, PhD candidate, and Associate Lecturer at Sheffield Hallam University, researching English calendar customs at the Centre for Contemporary Legend at SHU. Read more about Sophie here, or read about all of our committee members on our About us-page.

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