Introducing our Internal Keynote Speaker: Dr Julian Dobson

We are very excited to announce that our internal keynote speaker for Earth(ly) Matters 2021 is Dr Julian Dobson, researcher and writer here at Sheffield Hallam University.

Photograph ofJulian talking and gesticulating

Julian is a researcher and writer with a broad interest in place and society, and a particular focus on the complex systemic changes required to achieve environmentally and socially just approaches to urban life. His research expertise is in social and economic regeneration, urban greenspace, town and city centres and the role of the voluntary and community sector. He is especially interested in how and why change happens and the role of evidence in shaping policy and practice.

Julian joined CRESR as senior research fellow in 2020. With a previous career in journalism and consultancy before moving into academia, he has given evidence to parliamentary inquiries, written for a wide range of academic and general audiences, and spoken at national and international conferences. He is author of How to Save Our Town Centres (Policy Press, 2015) and was the founding editor of the regeneration magazine New Start. His PhD at CRESR focused on institutional change and sustainability transitions.

More keynotes will be announced shortly,
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